The Family of Bonifacia Perez

of Mandaue, Cebu, Philippines

Family of Bonifacia Perez
Family of Bonifacia Perez; various dates

Top: Carlos Perez and Catalina Perez
Center: Cipriana Rosal, Bonifacia Perez and Restituto Rosal
Bottom: Eleuteria Rosal and Gaudencia Rosal [granddaughter]

Bonifacia Perez was born May 14, 186211, daughter of Ignacio Perez and Anastacia Zanoria.  She died January 17, 19399.  Sometime in the early 1880's she married Norberto Rosal, with whom she had three children.  According to Mamerto Basilgo, Norberto served as Mayor in Mandaue during the Spanish times6.  Norberto died prior to 1900.

Bonifacia subsequently had a relationship with Catalino Seno which resulted in two additional children.  Catalino Seno died March 04, 1955

Bonifacia Perez and Norberto Rosal had the following children:

i. Restituto Rosal Restituto was born about 1885.  He married Magdalena Seno.
ii. Eleuteria Rosal Eleuteria was born in 1892.  She was unmarried.
iii. Cipriana Rosal Cipriana was born in 1897.  She married Sancho Basilgo.

Bonifacia Perez and Catalino Seno had the following children:
iv. Catalina Perez Catalina was born in 1900.  She was unmarried
v. Carlos Perez Carlos was born about 1904.  He married Candelaria Cabahug .


Restituto Rosal

Restituto Rosal was born about 1885 and died November 21, 19223, of tuberculosis.  Interestingly, his name is recorded as Perpetuo Rosal in the Marriage Records.  Why this name was recorded is not clear, since he was generally referred to as Restituto and this name is used in other public records.

Restituto was both a school teacher and a public official5.  The public schools were organized in Mandaue during 1904 and 1905, following the disruption caused by the Filipino-American war.  Restituto was among the earliest teachers in the Public School.  He also served as a municipal councilor during 1920 and 1921.

On July 15, 1905
3, Restituto married Magdalena Seno, daughter of Ignacio Seno and Juana Soon.  Magdalena ("Insi Dalen") was born May 27, 1880 and died April 16, 19849.

The children of Restituto Rosal and Magdalena Seno are:

i. Gertrudes Rosal Gertrudes married Crispino Corro.  She died November 15, 197011.
ii. Nicanor Rosal Nicanor was born about 1908, and died September 10, 19879.  He married Honorata Placencia.
iii. Sotero Rosal Sotero was born about 1912, and died June 7, 19843.  He married Germana Gerenia.
iv. Benjamin Rosal Benjamin was born about 1912, and died April 11, 19793.  He married Lucia Cabahug.
v. Mariarita "Lilia" Rosal Lilia was born in May 5, 19223, and died December 18, 20019.


Eleuteria Rosal

Eleuteria Rosal, known as "Insi Kiray", was born April 7, 189211, and died January 7, 19349.  Insi Kiray did not marry, however, she did have a relationship with Vicente Cabahug, which resulted in the children listed below.  During the same period, Vicente also had several children with Apolonia Seno (a sister of Catalino Seno), and only later did he choose to marry Apolonia.

The children of Eleuteria Rosal and Vicente Cabahug are:

i. Nicolas Rosal Nicolas was born November 13, 19113, and died April 21, 19123.
ii. Gaudencia Rosal Gaudencia was born August 30, 19153, and died June 23, 19353.
iii. Jose "Osing" Rosal No Osing first married Aida, who died in 196213.  He next married Asuncion "Chong" Aguillon.

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