The Family of Perfecto Perez and Lorenza Neiz

of Mandaue, Cebu, Philippines

Perfecto Perez, the son of Ignacio Perez and Anastacia Zanoria, lived some time in the 19th Century in Manduae, Cebu, Philippines.  The approximate dates for the birth of his children (see below), suggest that Perfecto married Lorenza Neiz in the early 1890's and lived into the early 20th century.  No record of his death was found in the Civil Register of Mandaue3.  Perfecto's principal residence was in Mantuyong, where several of his children lived after his death.

Additional information about Perfecto comes from the research of Dr. Michael Cullinane
4 of the University of Wisconsin.  Dr. Cullinane has located Spanish era documents showing that Perfecto Perez y Zanoria was a student at the Colegio de San Carlos in 1881-82 and that by 1883-84 he was studying at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran in Manila.  From this he concludes that: "1) in 1881-82, he was studying at the secondary level and was probably in his teens; 2) that his mother's family name was Zanoria (also a Mandaue family name); and 3) that he came from a prominent-enough family to support him at what was a very high level of education, which included the completion of his secondary degree in Manila at the only secondary degree (Bachelor's degree) granting institution, the Letran, run by the Dominicans of the Universidad de Santo Tomas.

Perfecto Perez and Lorenza Neiz had the following children:

i. Trinidad Perez Trinidad was born about 1896.  She married Marcelino Cortes.
ii. Isabel Perez Isabel was born about 1898.  She married Mariano Sanchez.
iii. Antonina Perez Antonina was born about 1900.
iv. Sergia Perez Sergia was born in 1901.  She married Jose Ceniza.
v. Zacarias Perez Zacarias was born about 1905.  He married Carolina Gonzales.

Trinidad Perez

Trinidad Perez, the first child of Perfecto Perez and Lorenza Neiz,was born around 1896, judging from information in the Civil Register.  The contents of the Register also indicate that Trindad had seven or eight children prior to her marriage to Marcelino Cortes on March 14, 19343.  It is not clear whether Marcelino was the father of all of the children.  Paulino in particular continued to use Perez name suggesting otherwise.  The first two children probably died at a young age and we know little about them.

Marcelino and Trinidad lived in Mantuyong on property owned by her father. Trinidad raised their many children, while Marcelino operated a Tartanilla to earn a living
8. Trinidad died on November 5, 19803.

Children of Trinidad Perez:
i. Amando Perez Amando was born September 13, 19143.
ii. Pastor Perez Pastor was born August 06, 19173.
iii. Paulino Perez Paulino married Cristina Arnan.

The family of Trinidad Perez and Marcelino Cortes is:

iv. Andrea Cortes Andrea married Elias Reuyan.
v. Lourdes Cortes Lourdes married Dominador Miala.
vi. Napoleon Cortes Napoleon died young.
vii. Venecio Cortes Venecio married Liliosa Arnan.
viii. Amparo Cortes Amparo married Wifredo Feliciano Ceniza.
ix. Perfecto Cortes Perfecto married Concepcion Mindajao.
x. Necita Cortes
xi. Manuel Eleizer Cortes

Isabel Perez

Picture of Mariano Sanchez
Mariano Sanchez
Picture of Isabel Perez
Isabel Perez

Isabel Perez married Mariano Sanchez on January 10, 19203.  Mariano was the son of Paulino Sanchez and Eustagenia Logarte.  Judging from her age at that time, Isabel was born about 1898, the second child of Perfrcto Perez and Lorenza Neiz.  Isabel died on January 2, 19793.

Isabel and Mariano lived in Alang Alang, adjacent to the residence of Bonifacia Perez, Teodorico Perez and Gregorio Cortes.  Mariano was killed by the Japanese during their occupation of the Philippines in WWII

The family of Isabel Perez and Mariano Sanchez is:

i. Leandro Sanchez
ii. Antonio Sanchez Antonio married Purificacion Altobar.
iii. Paz Sanchez Paz married Felipe Heyrosa.
iv. Nera Sanchez Nera married Manuel Legaspi.
v. Hasequia Sanchez Hasequia married Federico Baniel.
vi. Dominico Sanchez Dominico married Jacinta Gitgano.
vii. Cesar Sanchez Cesar married Merien Temio.
viii. Deogracia Sanchez
ix. Caridad Sanchez

Family of Isabel and Felipe Heyrosa
Family of Isabel and Felipe Heyrosa

Antonina Perez

Antonina Perez remained single throughout her life.  Antonina lived in Montuyong near her siblings, where she raised pigs for a living8.  Antonina died December 12, 1971 at the age of 713, indicating she was born about 1900. 

Sergia Perez

Sergia Perez was born September 8, 19019, and died January 7, 19809.  On June 1, 19333, she married Jose Ceniza the son of Januario Ceniza and Abundia Cabahug.  Jose was born November 26, 1898 9, and died May 17, 19869.  Sergia was an elementary school teacher in Marigundon, Opon.  In addition, she also ran a beauty parlor in Mandaue8.  Initially, Jose ran a business selling clothing, but in later years he earned a living by repairing pianos and sewing machines8.

The family of Sergia Perez and Jose Ceniza is:

i. Leonidesa Ceniza Leonidesa married Romeo Bernabe.
ii. Valentina Zoe Ceniza Zoe married Abraham Gaviola.
iii. Sergio Ceniza Sergio married Esther Ruyeras.

Zacarias Perez

Zacarias Perez was born about 1905, died April 12, 19733.  He spent his early adult life in Mindanao working as a laborer8.  On August 11, 19643, he married Carolina Gonzales, the daughter of Ramon Gonzales and Natividad Maldia.  Carolina was nearly 40 years younger than Zacarias.  At this time, Zacarias and his family lived in Mantuyong near his sisters8.

The family of Zacarias Perez and Carolina Gonzales is:

i. Jocker Perez
ii. Babrina Perez
iii. Lette Perez

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