Descendants of Gabriel Seno and Isabel del Castillo

Little is known about our Seno ancestors, partly because Catalina and Carlos Perez were illegitimate children, but more importantly, because their father Catalino Seno was not well liked by his children.  He apparently was not very kind to them as they grew up.  This limited contact with family members inhibited the normal interactions typical of family life in the Philippines.

Our knowledge of the Seno family began with an outline provided by Carlos, which listed the names of his grandparents, aunts and some cousins. Using this starting point, our Seno family tree has been constructed from entries in the Civil Register of Mandaue and interviews with family members and friends.

Gabriel Seno:

Our earliest known ancestors are Gabriel Seno and Isabel del Castillo.  Gabriel was undoubtedly part of the large Seno clan of Mandaue, which goes back to the Chinese mestizo community originating in the Parian4.  Today, however, it is not possible to trace our connection to the other Seno relatives due to lack of records and the passing of older members of the family.

The known children of Gabriel Seno and Isabel del Castillo are:

i. Romana Seno Ramona was born about 18683, and she died on December 29, 19053.
ii. Eusebia Seno Eusebia was born about 18763, and she died on May 29, 19293.  She married Melanio Mendoza.
iii. Buenaventurada "Turang" Seno Buenaverurada was born about 18843.  She married Paulino Cuizon.
iv. Filomena "Minang" Seno Filomena was born about 18873.  She married Pio Cortes.
v. Catalino Seno Catalino was born May 28, 188460, and died on March 4, 195560.

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